About Us

The WLinAI network was founded by Ivana Bartoletti, Dr. Allison Gardner and Reema Patel. The network launched in May 2018 at the London School of Economics with keynote speakers Prof. Joanna Bryson and Seema Malhotra MP.

Women Leading in AI (WLinAI) network is an action tank of women leaders in AI. Right from the start  we’ve been making waves globally, expanding rapidly beyond our UK base. We believe artificial intelligence must be responsible, transparent, held accountable and governed well, and we are going to make it happen.

The WLinAI Network was established to achieve the following objectives:


o Bring more women into the tech field by providing role models and champions;

o Foster a space for women to proactively share ideas;

o Encourage women in tech to grow both professionally and personally;

o Create alliances between BAME and other minority tech groups and forward thinking leaders to ensure AI works for all;


o Create cutting edge policy proposals regarding the increased use of AI in society;

o To move Ethics well beyond just fixing algorithms, to define what AI should and should not be used for in the real world;

o Investigate and propose governance models for the deployment of AI


o Ensure AI does not amplify stereotypes and reinforce prejudices;

o Define design values to avoid AI mirroring existing power imbalances;

o Evaluate and develop policies to mitigate the impact of AI on jobs, especially in areas that harm women the most.

WLinAI actively promotes equality, fights to remove unlawful and harmful bias, and helps make AI work to improve our societies – the alternative is that AI entrenches the worst of the present, and even breathes life into demons we all hoped were dying out: sexism, misogyny, racism, injustice, inequality, social immobility and everything else that holds back the progress of the human race.

The network currently has a diverse membership from a rainbow of backgrounds and disciplines – industry, politics, academia, change management, compliance, computer programming, ethics, law, policy, privacy, solutions architecture, giving us a critical mass of expertise that makes our voice listened to as the go-to people to talk about how AI impacts the real world.