Upcoming events

Upcoming webinars will be posted here as well as exciting news about our plans for our annual conference.

Events linked to our campaign for Universal Digital Rights:

  • Thursday, December 1st: Join the Government of Spain, Equality Now, and Women Leading in AI on Thursday, December 1st, from 1:45-2:45 PM CET, where we will be holding an Open Forum discussing why in working to connect all people and safeguarding human rights, bold, transformative, and universally agreed digital rights are needed.
  • Friday, December 2nd: Join Ivana Bartoletti, co-founder of Women Leading in AI and Author of An Artificial Revolution- on power, politics and AI at a Lightning Talk, “A Global Framework to AI Transparency” at  15am CET

Past events

Women Leading in AI Meetup June 2021

Dr Nóra Ni Loideain presented her latest research on how the world of artificially intelligent Virtual Personal Assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, and Siri appear to be decisively gendered female, an ‘unbodied assemblage’ of a normative female always ready’ (Amazon) to hear the command of her user, and with no recourse to refuse or say no.

Women Leading in AI Conference 2019

Challenging the unaccountable: How do we trust AI?

We were delighted to present our 2019 conference, hosted at the Microsoft Reactor on Monday the 18th of November. The day was filled with many speakers, panels, debates and interesting discussion. Key to the day was our launch of our white paper 10 Principles for Responsible AI. A forward thinking thought piece which addressed many of the aspects of governance and assurance that we are seeing developed now.