How does AI influence human decision making? Tuesday 16 May, 18.00 CET (online)

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Daria Arkhipova on Tuesday May at 18.00 CET

AI and decision making is firmly in the headlines especially as ChatGPT and generative AI have taken the world by storm over the recent weeks.

In this conversation, we will discuss a hugely important topic: decision making in AI mediated communication, specifically on Social Media platforms. The proliferation of such systems provides continuous stimuli to incentivise online engagement, which may lead to potential effects on users’ cognitive, axiological, emotive, and pragmatic dimensions.

Daria´s research aims to investigate the communication mechanisms involved in Human-Computer interactions, specifically focusing on these dimensions. Her study integrates data-driven cognitive science methodologies with the interpretive tools of cultural psychology and semiotics to examine the revision of Social Media environments with AI agents. Theoretical contributions are supported by comparative case study analysis. This research bridges the knowledge from neuroscience and psychology, semiotics, and biosemiotics and aims to offer valuable insights into better understanding the impact of AI tools on daily practices and the resulting changes in society.

Daria Arkhipova is a PhD student at University of Turin, Italy, and University of Tartu, Estonia. She is also a visiting researcher at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. Her research focused on how Artificial Intelligence can influence human decision-making, particularly how AI recommendations used on Social media change individual, social and cultural interpretations and practices. This research presents a holistic methodology to provide a comparative analysis between users in three EU countries: Italy, Estonia and the Netherlands.

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