Our three guiding principles

Women leaning in AI logo of branching network in image of a tree

The WLinAI Network was established in May 2018 to achieve the following objectives:
o Bring more women into the tech field by providing role models and champions;
o Foster a space for women to proactively share ideas;
o Encourage women in tech to grow both professionally and personally;
o Create alliances between BAME and other minority tech groups and forward thinking leaders to ensure AI works for all;

o Create cutting edge policy proposals regarding the increased use of AI in society;
o To move Ethics well beyond just fixing algorithms, to define what AI should and should not be used for in the bigger picture;
o Investigate governance models for the deployment of AI

o Ensure AI does not amplify stereotypes and reinforce prejudices;
o Define design values to avoid AI mirroring existing power imbalances;
o Evaluate and develop policies to mitigate the impact of AI on jobs, especially in areas that harm women the most

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