Upcoming Event: a licensing model for high risk AI?

We are delighted to announce our next meetup on 13 December 5pm UK time / 6pm CET.  
We will be joined by Frank Pasquale (Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School and world famous legal scholar, author of The Black Box Society and New Law of Robotics.
The discussion will focus on “AI Justification” as an ex ante justificatory model (in line with the direction of travel of EU AIA), and explore the idea of a licensing model for high risk AI. Frank (together with Claudio Malgieri who we previously hosted in our one of our meetups) has proposed a model of “AI unlawfulness until proven otherwise”: according to this proposal, a regulator should give a pre-authorisation (after a self-justification notice) to companies that want to produce and commercialise high-risk AI systems.
Join us for a super fascinating discussion! You can sign up here.
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