WLinAI making a mark with our report!


We had our report launch on the 6th February in the House of Commons and what a launch it was!

It was a squeeze getting everyone in and our wonderful sponsor Jo Stevens MP helped us pack more chairs into the room and completely emptied the adjacent committee room of all its spare chairs. We had a fantastic turnout of amazing women and men in AI and were particularly delighted to see two young girls, still wearing their school uniform, attend. To be able to inspire the next generation of women into tech by events such as this is a huge bonus.

After an inspirational opening speech by WLinAI co-founder Ivana Bartoletti our panel of leading thinkers and influencers spoke about the report. Huge thanks to Sir Clement Jones, Reema Patel, Jo Stevens MP, Joanna Bryson, Roger Taylor and Sue Daley for their positive comments and guiding opinions. Also thanks to Seema Malhotra MP for attending and Prof. Noel Sharkey for invaluable insights, support and excellent Forbes article.

As always lots of networking and connections were made at the event. In true WLinAI spirit we do not do talking shops without outcomes and actions. So we are busy working on the key take home point that certification, AIAs and quality marks offer a strong opportunity of a practical way of answering the calls for ethical deployment of algorithms and public transparency. We are astounded at the response the report has received and hugely grateful to the fantastic team who worked on it:

Ivana Bartoletti, Allison Gardner, Reema Patel, Emma Gibson, Liz Stocks, Samara Banno,  Sanya Sheikh, Rebecca Geach

With additional thanks to

Ben Gilbert and Holly Rafique

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