WLinAI Report listed in leading AI Ethics Blog

It seems that everyday a new report is published addressing the issues and potential harms around the use of AI and outlining how we should work towards responsible AI, as outlined in our report 10 Principles for Responsible AI.

Professor Alan Winfield, who is highly respected in the field of AI and robotics Ethics, is keeping track of all the reports and listing on his blog. We are delighted that ours, one of the earliest if not the first to recommend consideration of a trustmark in conjunction with an AI regulator, is listed among these.

In addition we recommend the very long but seminal work by IEEE Ethically Aligned Design, with the core principles listed in the blog listed under IEEE General Principles of Ethical Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS) (March 2019). A few of us in the network work on the developing IEEE standards.

Also recommended are The European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on AI Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI (April 2019) and the principles listed by Lord Clement Jones and Luciano Floridi: Floridi and Clement Jones’ five principles key to any ethical framework for AI  (March 2019). Lord Clement Jones is a strong supporter of the network and a keen advocate for our suggestion of a AI trustmark.

You can find Alan’s blog here: http://alanwinfield.blogspot.com/


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